Interesting Things To Check Out While Traveling In And Around Englewood CO

What are some of the places you can visit while you’re in Englewood? Well, I’ve covered most of those for you, but not so fast. Englewood is a nice little city, perfect for families, and some of the things to do are in nearby cities. You can venture out to Denver and other cities for your entertainment as well. Here are some of those great places to visit while you’re traveling around the area.

Let’s talk room escape games. There are some great ones nearby. Earlier, I covered one from Englewood, so keep in mind that you have one right in your city. In fact, it features four different gams. Then there is also Room 5280 in Denver, Puzzah in Denver and well, many more. You’re never going to run out of escape room opportunities if you like those types of games. One more is Escapology in Denver.

I mentioned Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in another article earlier, but I didn’t go into detail. This amphitheater is actually located in Englewood. You will find it at 6350 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, and it is great for catching concerts. You can see what’s on the schedule, and you’re talking about concerts from all different genres of music. You can purchase tickets for seats or purchase a pass for lawn seating.

If you’ve never been to the Denver Art Museum, that would make for a great place to visit, too. If you look up things to do in Englewood, it pops up because remember, you’re so close to Denver. Some attractions will be closer to others, and I’m moving down a list of what’s supposed to be closest and most popular, too. You can find the Denver Art Museum on 13th Avenue, and it’s right in the middle of Bannock Street and Broadway.

Observatory Park isn’t too far away either, and it would make for a great visit. You will find this park at 2390 East Warren Avenue, and people say that there is an open house there that is held once a month. You are going to get up close and personal with the stars there. It’s said to be a great place for families to visit.

Whether you wind up traveling around Denver, stay in Englewood, visit Littleton or all of the above and then some, you’re going to have a wonderful time with your family. Rest assured, there are plenty of great things to do in and around the city of Englewood CO.